Keeping insects is likely the only thing in my life I get more confused looks for than keeping reptiles.
Insects, some may say, are uninteresting, icky, and scary. Bugs creep and crawl their way into our homes, fouling our food and nipping at us in our sleep. They are pests, menaces, downright no-goodnicks!

Unfortunately, such is the stigma bestowed upon most "lesser creatures". Insects are tiny and unknowable to most, thus they are pests. As with reptiles, insects suffer for our own lack of education. I'm not going to attempt to give an overview of insects in general, as I'm admittedly pretty uneducated myself on the vastness of entomology. No, what I will be presenting here is some of what I've learned firsthand from my own critters.

I started keeping insects for purely practical reasons. Lizards need to eat, and unfortunately (for most) they often need to eat insects. So I began keeping Crickets.

Starting Again with Attempt the Billionth.

This blog, like all that have come before it by my hand, has crashed and burned. I make no excuses, as this is simply the way I operate in all things in life. You'll not hear any promises of continuance this time around, no, I pledge only to keep writing here so long as it amuses me.
That said, if this is still going two months from now, you can rest fairly assured it will continue ad infinitum.