Starting Again with Attempt the Billionth.

This blog, like all that have come before it by my hand, has crashed and burned. I make no excuses, as this is simply the way I operate in all things in life. You'll not hear any promises of continuance this time around, no, I pledge only to keep writing here so long as it amuses me.
That said, if this is still going two months from now, you can rest fairly assured it will continue ad infinitum.

To recap: Not only did I only have three posts, but none of those were the post I promised in my introductory post. The post regarding the Seneca Health Centre's inclusion of "Alternative Medicinces" was never finished; it languished in the purgatory that is unpublished. It wasn't very interesting anyway.

Not long after writing the three-and-a-partial posts I gave up on the entire school thing. My collar was gripped tightly by the double fists of depression and procrastination, and I was shaken to submission! Or something like that. Memories of such down periods tend to be blurry at best. I drank a lot, moaned a lot, and pissed off my friends a lot.

To divert for a moment: yes, I'm talking about depression. No, I do not want sympathy. Perhaps shortly I will delve into the topic and explain my thoughts on the "disorder," but for the time being you'll have to be content with reading and squirming when I mention it. People seem unable to get used to talking about some things, but I make no apologies for speaking of reality.

Eventually I found a job. I started working at the reptile department of a PJ's petstore, cementing my interest in all things scaly, and worked mostly content for a while. I cohabited with some mostly wonderful friends for a while, then after only a few months had to break away again.

I found myself back in Tobermory, decompressing I suppose. I spent the summer handing out Latte's and chasing a girl who ended up with a rather scummy local. I met up with my doctor and was prescribed some much nicer anti-depressants than I had been on earlier in life, medication that I would continue until my first good "down" period, at which time I stopped taking them and settled on my current viewpoint of what I've been said to have.
Eventually I wound up aware of a job opportunity back in Toronto. A friend of mine, whom I had left in the city with roughly two days notice, had started working at a veterinary clinic that happened to specialise in exotics like my scaly friends. I sent in my resume, had an interview, and got the job.

For a few months I returned to live with my mostly wonderful roommates. We had a blast, I like to think, and parted ways before the strain of collectivity broke us apart entirely.

Since then I have been contentedly working at this animal hospital. From cleaning cages and holding the animals to starting appointments, administering medications, drawing blood, and single-handedly managing the technical issues cropping up.

There is more, of course. Current thought-paths and plans; feelings too long unexpressed demanding their due acknowledgement. I am, however, leaving other revelations for future dates, if at all.

That is the past to present, now to elaborate on the intended future.

I've attempted writing semi-regular blog posts often in the past. A small part of it is to give in to egotistical desires of spreading the wonders of ME, but there is also a goodly portioned element of writing practice involved. As always when taken down this particular bumpy and otherwise unpleasant path of mood I find myself wishing to write more and more. Unfortunately, fiction writing these days involves loading a word document (in Open Office, of course) and staring at the blinking line until I get frustrated and banish the whole thing to non-existence. Rarely I get so ambitious as to write out a few lines of drek before giving up.

Blogging, while undeniably worthless and self-centred, does provide me with a means of writing practice that at least some (excessively bored) people will read.

And with the preceding drivel, I leave you for the time being. Expect to be molested again shortly, as I have two days before I get to return to being honestly productive.

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