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Crap am I ever lazy.

I've actually gone so far as to look over the questions in the assignments of my anaesthetic course. They are not trivial. This is actually going to be pretty difficult. And yet I'm still managing to procrastinate the work. Well, I'm away for the rest of the day to see my new niece, but tomorrow after getting home is being set aside for some serious learny stuff.

I've also been somewhat at a loss of what to do re: blogging, hence this abhorrent filler post. Plan on discussing vermiposting in the near future, maybe delve into some of the roach species popular in the pet trade. I'll likely be writing something on the bus, so perhaps I'll have something to post after tomorrow.

And of course I still have planned a few posts on veterinary ethics. One is half written in my drafts here...

Time to catch a bus!

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