The True Beginning of the Rambles


I have very little doubt that almost all of those reading this will be coming straight from my deviantart account, with maybe one or two just checking out random blogger posts. Regardless of that fact, however, I am going to start with a bit of background as an introduction.

My name is Kenneth McFarlane, with the internet pseudonym of Gecko. I'm a 21 year-old college student at Seneca College in Toronto, ON, with plans of becoming a University student at York.
I am generally in a constant state of flux between my artistic and scientific nature (at least at the times when I'm not procrastinating doing anything from either side), and have exhumed my blog from the dead in order to deal more with the latter side of my being.

This space, despite the name of it, will be for less rambling-centred posts, and more for those targeting some specific topic. In the past I have posted a few times on topics which have incensed me, almost all of which have dealt with religion.

Now, that is not to say that I intend to focus this blog on such things. I do hope that at some point in the near future I'll know enough about my topics of study to post thoughts or explanations of them here, in order to share enlightenment instead of just anger.

On the other hand, the post I have planned coming up next does indeed fall under the category of things which piss me off. My campus, which is the scientific centre of Seneca College, has a naturopathic "doctor" in the Health Centre. This is greatly disconcerting to me, and I intend to go a bit more in depth into the matter shortly.

Now then, if you have come here from my deviantart journal, you may note a bit of a difference between the issue-organised posts which I have previously entered and those which will be appearing here. I am going to do my best to keep these posts less emotionally-driven than the others. I hope to avoid the occurance I have come across so often in the past of having my argument dissolve into cursing and being wildly derailed by the sheer idiocy I'm facing. Not because I specifically desire to "keep it clean" or anything, but because I feel that my point will be more valid and my purpose more clear.

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